Cancer Care Collective

The Cancer Care Collective is "a small group of trans*/queer breast cancer survivors who unfortunately not only experienced cancer, but were simultaneously confronted with the patriarchal, sexist and racist structures of the health care system." The group is part of Casa Kuà, a trans* queer community and health center in Berlin, Germany. The collective's aim is “to create a space for others who are experiencing or have experienced similar situations, to exchange stories, support each other, empower ourselves and create collective strategies, as well as addressing the institutional problems within cancer treatment.” The group is specifically for trans*, inter, and queer people who have been directly affected by cancer. While not fitting neatly into the category of ‘artist,’ Cancer Care Collective is included here as a tribute to cultural spaces in which community and individual choices are honored in the face of the rigid protocols of the medical industry.

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About This Site

A Picture of Health: Jo Spence, a Politics of Disability and Illness is a multi-pronged project curated by Kenny Fries and Elisabeth Frost.

In 1986 the British artist, educator, and activist Jo Spence (1934-1992) described the question fundamental to her work: “how to represent a body in crisis.” Spence’s work reveals powerful political and artistic responses to the experience of inhabiting such a body and is as timely as ever. This website places her work in the context of the lived experience of chronic illness and of contemporary Disability Arts.

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